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Gloria Stuart (née Gloria Frances Stewart) (Santa Barbara, California, July 4, 1910 - Los Angeles, California, September 26, 2010) was an Anglo-American actress. She is best known for her role as Rose Dawson Calvert in 1997's Titanic.

Gloria Frances Stewart was born on 4 July 1910 in Santa Monica, California, USA. Her mother was Alice Vaughan Deidrick Stewart, who was born in Angels Camp, California. His father Frank Stewart was a lawyer. Gloria had an older brother, Frank, who was born 11 months later than her. Her second brother Thomas died of an infection in infancy. When Gloria was nine, her father was killed in a traffic accident. After his death, her mother went to work at the Ocean Park post office to maintain the standard of living they had before her father's death. After a time, Alice married Fred J. Finch, a local undertaker and oil tycoon in Texas. Gloria's half-sister Patsy was born in 1924. Gloria's youngest brother Frank Finch became a sports editor for the Los Angeles Times magazine. She graduated from Santa Monica High School in 1927 and went straight to UC Berkeley to study drama and philosophy, but did not finish her last year and did not graduate. He married Blair Gordon Newel right away. In his later years he acted at places like the Carmel Playhouse and worked for the Camel newspaper.

After returning to Los Angeles, he made his debut at the Pasadena Playhouse and was signed by Universal Studios in 1932. She made her debut as director James Whale's favorite actress in his 1932 film The Old Dark House.

In 1933 he had many film roles. First in the American film Roman Scandals as Princess Sylvia, and later in The Invisible Man as Flora Cranley. The next film she appeared in was Secret of the Blue Room, in which she played Irene von Helldorf. She also appeared in films such as Laughter in Hell, where she played Lorraine, Sweepings as Phoebe, Private Jones as Mary Gregg, The Kiss Before the Mirror, where she played Mrs. Walter Bernsdorf, The Girl in 419, where she played Mary Dolan, and It's Great to Be Alive, where she played Dorothy Wilton.

In 1934, she played the character Barbara Kelton in the American film Gift the Gab. She also appeared in Beloved Lucy as Tarrant Hausmann, I Like it that Way as Anne Rogers, I'll Tell the World as Jane Hamilton, The Love Captive as Alice Trask and the American war film Here Comes the Navy as Dorothy Martin.

In 1935, she played Countess Sonia in the American film Professional Soldier. The next films she appeared in were Laddie, as Pamela Pryor, The Gold Diggers in 1935 as Ann Prentiss and Maybe It's Love Bobby as Halevy.

In 1936, she appeared in the American film Wanted: Jane Turner as Doris Martin. Her next film was The Girl on the Front Page, in which she played the character of Joan Langford. Later that year, she brought Anne Marvis to life in 36 Hours to Kill. She also appeared in such blockbusters as Poor Little Rich Girl, where she played Margaret Allen, The Crime of Dr. Forbes, where she played Ellen Godfrey, and the last film she made that year was The Prisoner of Shark Island, where she played Mrs. Peggy Mudd.

In 1937, she was cast in Life Begins in College as Janet O'Hara and in The Lady Escapes as Linda Ryan. Later that year she appeared in Girl Overboard, starring as Mary Chesbrooke.

In 1938 Gloria had several film roles. First in the film The Lady Objects, where she played the character of Ann Adams Hayword. She also appeared in the American film Time Out for Murder as Margie Ross and in Keep Smiling as Carol Walters. Later that year she appeared in Island in the Sky as Julie Hayes, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Gwen Warren and Change of Heart as Carol Murdock.

In 1939, she appeared in It Could Happen to Yosu as Doris Winslow, in Winner Take All as Julie Harrison and in the American drama film The Three Musketeers as Queen Anne.

In 1943 she played Glenda Forbes in the American film Here Comes Elmer, in 1944 she played Bertha in Enemy of Women and Alice Walker in The Whistler. After a two-year break, she appeared in 1946 in the film She Wrote the Book as Phyllis Fowler.

In 1982, after a gap of several decades, she appeared in the film My Favorite Year as Mrs. Horn. Two years later, she was Mrs. Curry in Mass Appeal. She guest starred in the 1986 film Wildcats, in which she was cast as Mrs. Connolly.

In 1997, she landed the role of a lifetime when she played the character of Rose Sr. in the American drama film Titanic, which tells the story of the entire tragedy. She was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance, making her the oldest actress ever to be nominated for an Oscar. Her career then took off again, appearing in films including The Million Dollar Hotel and My Mother the Spy.

His last role was in Wim Wenders' 2004 film The Land of Plenty.

She has been married three times; has one daughter, four grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. In 1934, Stuart and Newel's relationship deteriorated so badly that they filed for divorce and divorced, and soon afterwards Gloria found love again in Arthur Sheekman, who was best friends with Groucho Marx. They had one child, Sylvia Vaughn Sheekman, in 1935. Gloria persuaded her husband to travel the world. When they arrived in France, they volunteered with the French Resistance and then, just as they reached the last ship, sailed back to New York. They decided to work there in local theatres. Sheekman has written several plays, while Stuart has had several film roles, mostly during the summer, such as in Our Town. As Sheekman's plays were being rejected, they decided to return to Hollywood, where she was signed by Paramount Pictures. Stuart was taking singing lessons at the time. In 1946, he opened his first small shop, Décor Ltd, selling lamps and other home furnishings that he made himself. Sheekman wrote 17 plays over the next sixteen years. In 1954 their daughter enrolled at UC Berkeley, at which time she joined the couple's friends abroad in Rappall. After 43 years of happy marriage, a break in paradise occurred, Arthur was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and passed away on January 12, 1978, a few weeks before his birthday. In 1983, Gloria remarried, her third marriage, to Ward Ritchie, a marriage that lasted until his death in 1996. Stuart was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 95, but nevertheless lived to see his 100th birthday. He died a few months later, on 26 September 2010 in Los Angeles, California. He was cremated. His ashes were taken home by his family (source: Find a Grave Memorial)

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